What’s New in BackChart (Apr 13, 2014)

  • ICD-10
  • Patient Payment Tracking
  • Report Search
  • (Kareo Users) Approved Encounter Submission
  • CCD updated to CCDA


Although the implementation of ICD-10 has been delayed, we have added the full ICD-10 listing to the system. We have also integrated the General Equivalence Mapping (GEM) a.k.a. the crosswalk. Throughout the system you’ll see the ability to search either the ICD-9 listing or the ICD-10 listing. When searching for an ICD-9 code you will see a crosswalk icon come up. Clicking on that icon will open the crosswalk and give you the ICD-10 code for the ICD-9 code you searched for, according to the GEM.

Patient Payment Tracking

We have added the functionality to apply a payment to a visit.  In the Billing Queue, you will see a new option to manage payments for this visit. If you are a Kareo user, this payment information will transfer with the encounter.

Report Search

We’ve added a search feature that allow you to search through a patient’s reports.  You will see a new icon next to the incident which will bring up the search box.

(Kareo Users) Approved Encounter Submission

To save time, we’ve added the ability to send your encounter to Kareo into your approved queue instead of your drafts queue.  You can modify the default by going to System->Admin->Client Settings->Bill Submission.

CCD updated to CCDA

Stage 2 of Meaningful Use requires the use of a new exchange document standard.  We have updated our generator from the previous standard, CCD, to then new standard, CCDA.

What’s New in BackChart (Jan 12, 2014)

Many users were having issues with the CQM reports taking too long to run and therefore giving them an error message.  Many of the reports can take a few minutes to run.  Simply select which report you’d like to see and click “Request”.  The report will run in the background.  Check back in a few minutes  and click the CQM in the list to see your score.

What’s New in BackChart (November 17, 2013)

  • Email Appointment Reminders
  • Integrated Document viewer
  • Patient Education on the Patient Portal
  • Edit the Dx from the procedures performed window
  • Keep the unsigned reports and review requests list open

Email Appointment Reminders

Patients can now receive appointment reminders via email.  Within the email is a link the patient can click to confirm their appointment.  Once confirmed, the appointment will change color on the schedule.  These can be enabled for the patient in their Patient Portal Settings or can be enabled by the patient from their account page in their portal.  The text of the email can be customized in the email settings of the BackChart system admin.

Integrated Document Viewer

We have added a new document view to make looking at uploaded documents easier.  The viewer allows you to look at a file without the need to download it.

Keep the unsigned reports and review requests list open

We added a user preference that will keep the unsigned reports list and review requests list open as you work through them.  This can save time if you are reviewing multiple charts in a row.  The lists can be resized by clicking and dragging on the lower right corner and they can be moved around the screen by clicking and dragging at the very top of the window.

Patient Education on the Patient Portal

Items that are assigned to the patient in the Educational Material section of the patient chart can now be accessed by the patient from within their Portal.

Edit the Dx from the procedures performed window

We added a button to the Procedures Performed window that allows you to make changes to the patient’s diagnosis directly from this screen.

What’s New in BackChart (Sept 22, 2013)

  • Import Medication Allergies
  • Import Diagnosis
  • Improved Patient Report Layout
  • Search by Patient in the Billing Queue
  • Filter by User and Export to Excel from the Audit Log


 Import Medication Allergies

Allergies listed in the Medication Allergies List can now be imported into your visit note.


Import Diagnosis

The diagnosis listed on the Incident can now be imported into the Clinical Impression and Assessment fields.

 Improved Patient Report Layout

We rearranged the top of the visit note area.  This new arrangement is not only cleaner looking but also gives the user more space to write their visit note.

Search by Patient in the Billing Queue

We added the ability to search the Billing Queue by patient.

 Filter by User and Export to Excel from the Audit Log

We added a filter for user in the audit log so you can see all the activity of just one user.  We also added the ability to export the audit log into Excel so you can perform any custom analysis you need.


Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Added Middle Initial to the patient search results
  • Fixed a bug that was causing macros to be added to the wrong category in system admin
  • Clinician dropdowns on Patient Report are now alphabetized
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto-scroll not to work when tabbing between fields

What’s New in BackChart (Aug 11, 2013)

Integrated Support and Training Videos

We’ve added video links throughout the system to make training simpler.  They can be enabled on any user account by selecting Show Embedded Support Links on the Preferences tab of My Account.


Custom Macro Ordering

Macros can now be dragged and dropped into what ever order you’d like.  Place your most frequently used macros at the top or group similar macros!

New Template for Patient Portal Emails

We changed the way emails sent to patients look.  We also moved all the email setting in System Admin to a new sections called Email Settings.  Don’t forget, you can customize these messages.

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Added a Cell Phone field to Guardian
  • Made Quebec classification dropdown on the Clinical Work Flow wider
  • Made the macro details window in System Admin is bigger
  • No longer allowing adding a new report to a closed incident
  • Fixed a bug with the PDF generator removing spacing from report exports
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to jump when clicking between report fields
  • Fixed a bug that caused Drug Interaction checks to be red

What’s New in BackChart (June 30, 2013)

  • Instant Messenger
  • Session Lock
  • Schedule Auto-refresh
  • Larger Dropdown Menus

Instant Messenger

The instant messenger allows you and your staff to effectively communicate within the office.  We will be rolling the messenger out to our users gradually next week.

Session Lock

The session lock allows you to quickly lock BackChart if you need to step away from your computer.  When you return, simply enter your password and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Schedule Auto-refresh

When the schedule is being viewed it will automatically refresh every 30 seconds so you can easily keep track of patient check ins.

Larger Dropdown Menus

We have increased the size of the dropdowns throughout the system so you can see more options at once!

What’s New in BackChart (Jan 27, 2013)?

Authorization Forms

We have added the ability to track authorization forms.  You can either track a paper version of the form, or if you are using the Patient Portal, you will be able to assign the authorization form to the patient.  They will be able to sign the form through the portal.  We can incorporate any authorization forms that you may be using in your practice now.  Please see this support page for more information on authorization forms: here.


Expanding Text Boxes

When writing your notes, the text boxes will automatically resize to fit what you have entered.  They start out as two lines tall.  This will allow you to see your entire note while writing it without scrolling through each individual box.

After some typing:


Improved Appointment Management Window

In order to make front desk processes more efficient, we have improved the appointment management window to include:

  • A direct link to the Patient Info window so staff can quickly look up or edit a patient’s demographics or insurance
  • Contact Information – quick reference contact info for the patient is located in the lower left.  Displayed are the patient’s phone number(s) and email address
  • Patient Portal tabs – Manage a patient’s portal without opening the chart.
  • The lower right is an alerts area that will alert the user to the following:
    • If the patient has portal access
    • If the patient has incomplete Patient Portal items
    • If an authorization form required
    • If the patient has completed Patient Portal items that need to be reviewed


CAHPS Survey

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey is now available as an assignable item in the Patient Portal.  Please contact us if you would like to make use of this tool.

The default survey that BackChart has implemented consists of all the core questions and the following optional sections:

  • Provider Communication
  • Recommend Doctor
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Health Promotion and Education
  • Help With Problems or Concerns
  • Your Most Recent Visit

If you would like your survey to use different optional sections, we can customize it to suit your needs.


New Date Picker

The next time you are working on the edit incident window, take note of the DOL field.  We are using a new date picker that allows you to either use the calendar to choose the date, or manually type the date in.  Please let us know how well this works.  We are considering making all date fields work in the same way.


New Patient Portal Management Permissions

We have added the following permissions that deal with managing assigned items.  These permissions will not be selected by default.  System Administrators will need to grant these permissions to the appropriate users in order for them to be able to manage assigned items.



Import From Exam to Daily Visit

The import from previous will now let you import data from an exam note to a daily visit note and vise versa.  The field mappings are:

Exam Daily Visit
Present Problem = Subjective
Clinical Exam = Objective
Clinical Impression = Assessment
Plan = Plan

Consent for Use or Disclosure of Health Information Form

The default Consent for Use or Disclosure of Health Information Form that comes with BackChart can be reviewed below.


Consent for Use or Disclosure of Health Information form

Our Privacy Pledge

We are very concerned with protecting your privacy. While the law requires us to give you this
disclosure, please understand that we have, and always will, respect the privacy of your health

There are several circumstances in which we may have to use or disclose your health care information.

- We may have to disclose your health information to another health care provider or a hospital if it
is necessary to refer you to them for the diagnosis, assessment, or treatment of your health

- We may have to disclose your health information and billing records to another party if they are
potentially responsible for the payment of your services.

- We may need to use your health information within our practice for quality control or other
operational purposes such as recall notices, reminder calls, and treatment news.

Along with this consent form, you will be given a copy of our privacy notice that describes our
privacy policies in detail. You have the right to review that notice before you sign this consent form.
We reserve the right to change our privacy practices as described in that notice. If we make a change
to our privacy practices, we will notify you in writing when you come in for treatment or by mail.

Your right to limit uses or disclosures

You have the right to request that we do not disclose your health information to specific individuals,
companies, or organizations. If you would like to place any restrictions on the use or disclosure of
your health information, please let us know in writing. We are not required to agree to your
restrictions. However, if we agree with your restrictions, the restriction is binding on us.

Your right to revoke your authorization

You may revoke any of your authorizations at any time; however, your revocation must be in writing.
We will not be able to honor your revocation request if we have already released your health
information before we receive your request to revoke your authorization. If you were required to give
your authorization as a condition of obtaining insurance, the insurance company may have a right to
your health information if they decide to contest any of your claims.

I have read your consent policy and agree to its terms. I am also acknowledging that I have received a
copy of this consent form and a copy of your privacy notice (Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected
Health Information).

Patient Name: JOHN

HIPAA Information and Consent Form

The default HIPAA Information and Consent Form that comes with BackChart can be reviewed below.


HIPAA Information and Consent Form

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides safeguards to protect your privacy.
Implementation of HIPAA requirements officially began on April 14, 2003. Many of the policies have been our
practice for years. This form is a “friendly” version. A more complete text is posted in the office.

What this is all about: Specifically, there are rules and restrictions on who may see or be notified of your
Protected Health Information (PHI). These restrictions do not include the normal interchange of information
necessary to provide you with office services. HIPAA provides certain rights and protections to you as the
patient. We balance these needs with our goal of providing you with quality professional service and care.
Additional information is available from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. www.hhs.gov

We have adopted the following policies:

1. Patient information will be kept confidential except as is necessary to provide services or to ensure that all
administrative matters related to your care are handled appropriately. This specifically includes the sharing of
information with other healthcare providers, laboratories, health insurance payers as is necessary and appropriate
for your care. Patient files may be stored in open file racks and will not contain any coding which identifies a
patient’s condition or information which is not already a matter of public record. The normal course of providing
care means that such records may be left, at least temporarily, in administrative areas such as the front office,
examination room, etc. Those records will not be available to persons other than office staff . You agree to the
normal procedures utilized within the office for the handling of charts, patient records, PHI and other documents
or information.

2. It is the policy of this office to remind patients of their appointments. We may do this by telephone, e-mail,
U.S mail, or by any means convenient for the practice and/or as requested by you. We may send you other
communications informing you of changes to office policy and new technology that you might find valuable or

3. The practice utilizes a number of vendors in the conduct of business. These vendors may have access to PHI
but must agree to abide by the confidentiality rules of HIPAA.

4. You understand and agree to inspections of the office and review of documents which may include PHI by
government agencies or insurance payers in normal performance of their duties.

5. You agree to bring any concerns or complaints regarding privacy to the attention of the office manger or the

6. Your confidential information will not be used for the purposes of marketing or advertising of products, goods
or services.

7. We agree to provide patients with access to their records in accordance with state and federal laws.

8. We may change, add, delete or modify any of these provisions to better serve the needs of the both the
practice and the patient.

9. You have the right to request restrictions in the use of your protected health information and to request change
in certain policies used within the office concerning your PHI. However, we are not obligated to alter internal
policies to conform to your request.

Authorization Forms

Authorization Forms

BackChart allows you to record any authorization forms you need to give to the patient.  You can either make use of an electronic version of the form via the Patient Portal or you can scan a paper version of the form.

BackChart comes with the following forms:

We can add any forms specific to your practice.  Send a copy of your form to BackChart Support.

Patient Information

The “Authorization Forms” tab on the Patient Info window list all the authorization forms available in your BackChart system.  This list gives you an overview of which forms a patient has completed, as well as, when they last completed the form.  To have the patient complete a form through their Patient Portal, click the green plus icon in the “assign” column.  If the patient has completed the form on paper and you would like to scan and record that completion, click the green plus icon in the “paper ver” column.  Clicking “view” will open the completed form.

Using the Patient Portal

Clicking the assign button will bring up the following window:

On this window you can select:

  • The doctor
  • (optional) A reminder date – The patient will receive a reminder email if the item is not completed by this date
  • An expiration date – When the authorization is no longer valid and the patient needs to complete a new one

When the patient loads the form on their Patient Portal, they will be able to read through the form and agree by signing and typing their name at the bottom.

Using the Paper Version

Clicking the paper version button will bring up the following window:

On this window you can select:

  • Completed Date – The date the patient signed the form
  • Expiration Date – When the authorization is no longer valid and the patient needs to complete a new one
  • File – The scanned version of the paper form.


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