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See video below for a brief overview of Meaningful Use & our report:

Below is a list of the 25 Meaningful Use Objectives.  The 15 core objectives appear first (the important items to complete are in red).  The 10 menu-set objectives follow the core objectives (the easiest ones to complete are in blue).

Core Requirements for Meaningful Use
Important Items Are In Red

  1. CPOE for Medication Orders (Chiropractors Excluded)
  2. Drug Interaction Checks
  3. Maintain Problem List
  4. eRx (Chiropractors Excluded)
  5. Maintain Medication List
  6. Maintain Medication Allergy List
  7. Record Demographics
  8. Record Vital Signs
  9. Record Smoking Status
  10. Submit Clinical Quality Measures
  11. Clinical Decision Support
  12. Electronic Copy of Health Information
  13. Clinical Summaries
  14. Exchange of Clinical Information
  15. Protect Electronic Health Information

Menu Set Items
Suggested Menu Set Items in Blue

  1. Drug Formulary Checks
  2. Incorporate Lab Test Results
  3. Generate Patient Lists
  4. Patient Reminders
  5. Patient Electronic Access
  6. Provide Education Resources
  7. Medication Reconciliation
  8. Transition of Care Summary
  9. Immunization Registries Submission
  10. Syndromic Surveillance Submission

Below you can see the Meaningful Use Report.  See video above on how to access this report in BackChart® COS.

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