Demonstrating Meaningful Use – Clinical Quality Measures

Objective: Report ambulatory clinical quality measures to CMS.
Measure: Successfully report to CMS ambulatory clinical quality measures selected by CMS in the manner specified by CMS.
Exclusion: No exclusion.
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To report ambulatory clinical quality measures to CMS. You need to go to the reports section of BackChart® COS and click on ‘Measure Calculation.’   See the slide below for the location of this report:

See slides below on how to record that you have completed the CQMs.

1 – Go to ‘system’ in the top right and select ‘Admin.’

2 – Go to bottom left and select ‘Users.’                                                                                                                                            3 – Select a doctor.

 4 – Select the third tab titled ‘Doctor.’

5 – Select ‘Activity Log.’

 6 – Select Date, ‘CQM’, and write any additional notes pretaining to this measure.

You are finished recording the CQM quality measure when it appears under your activity log. 

Note: You still need to submit your CQMs when you are attesting with CMS.  After they are submitted to CMS you have completed this measure.