What’s New in BackChart (Aug 11, 2013)

Integrated Support and Training Videos

We’ve added video links throughout the system to make training simpler.  They can be enabled on any user account by selecting Show Embedded Support Links on the Preferences tab of My Account.


Custom Macro Ordering

Macros can now be dragged and dropped into what ever order you’d like.  Place your most frequently used macros at the top or group similar macros!

New Template for Patient Portal Emails

We changed the way emails sent to patients look.  We also moved all the email setting in System Admin to a new sections called Email Settings.  Don’t forget, you can customize these messages.

Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Added a Cell Phone field to Guardian
  • Made Quebec classification dropdown on the Clinical Work Flow wider
  • Made the macro details window in System Admin is bigger
  • No longer allowing adding a new report to a closed incident
  • Fixed a bug with the PDF generator removing spacing from report exports
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to jump when clicking between report fields
  • Fixed a bug that caused Drug Interaction checks to be red