What’s New in BackChart (Apr 13, 2014)

  • ICD-10
  • Patient Payment Tracking
  • Report Search
  • (Kareo Users) Approved Encounter Submission
  • CCD updated to CCDA


Although the implementation of ICD-10 has been delayed, we have added the full ICD-10 listing to the system. We have also integrated the General Equivalence Mapping (GEM) a.k.a. the crosswalk. Throughout the system you’ll see the ability to search either the ICD-9 listing or the ICD-10 listing. When searching for an ICD-9 code you will see a crosswalk icon come up. Clicking on that icon will open the crosswalk and give you the ICD-10 code for the ICD-9 code you searched for, according to the GEM.

Patient Payment Tracking

We have added the functionality to apply a payment to a visit.  In the Billing Queue, you will see a new option to manage payments for this visit. If you are a Kareo user, this payment information will transfer with the encounter.

Report Search

We’ve added a search feature that allow you to search through a patient’s reports.  You will see a new icon next to the incident which will bring up the search box.

(Kareo Users) Approved Encounter Submission

To save time, we’ve added the ability to send your encounter to Kareo into your approved queue instead of your drafts queue.  You can modify the default by going to System->Admin->Client Settings->Bill Submission.

CCD updated to CCDA

Stage 2 of Meaningful Use requires the use of a new exchange document standard.  We have updated our generator from the previous standard, CCD, to then new standard, CCDA.