Clinical Lab Test Results

Objective: Incorporate clinical lab test results into EHR as structured data.
Measure: More than 40 percent of all clinical lab test results ordered by the EP during the EHR
reporting period whose results are either in a positive/negative or numerical format
are incorporated in certified EHR technology as structured data.
Exclusion: An EP who orders no lab tests whose results are either in a positive/negative or
numeric format during the EHR reporting period.
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There are two main steps to meet this requirement:

  1. Placing a lab order
  2. Recording the lab results

Placing a Lab Order

1 – While on the patient’s chart, select the link that says ‘Orders.’2 – After you enter into the next screen, select ‘Order Request’ on the top right.

3 – Select the correct ‘requesting clinic’ ordering the lab.

4 – Select ‘Lab’ under the order type.

5 – Select the ‘Lab Location’ you are placing the order from.

6 – Select the Lab and include any notes about the lab.

7 – Select ‘Save’ and you are finished.


Recording The Lab Results

When you get the results back from the lab, you can complete the order by attaching the results to it.

1 – Use the search and filters at the top of the Orders window to find your order

2 – Click on the order to bring up its details window.

3 – Enter the results from the Lab on the right side under Lab Details You can also mark the order as complete by changing the status drop down under Order Details.


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NOTE 1:  The most common Lab Chiropractors do is the Urine Analysis

NOTE 2: BackChart will not order the Labs for you.  BackChart only makes a record that you have ordered labs.

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